Monthly Archives: May 2020

Watchword Security – Using military skills to support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our blog activity has reduced in recent times due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Demand for security services has shifted to primarily patrol based activities and an increased focus on vacant property management, for example. We have reacted accordingly and continue to operate within the boundaries of government direction.

The safety of our staff and clients is our number one priority and we have taken the necessary steps to minimise the risk to both. We have a committed team and strong commercial relationships which will endure.

In addition to this, I have been working with the Army Reserve as part of the COVID Support Force (CSF) which exists to support authorities such as the NHS, Police, Fire Service and local councils as they work tirelessly to help communities. The role of the military varies depending on the location and the situation is rapidly changing of course.

Watchword has a great team – we have team members with decades of experience in the security industry and some with extensive military experience, as a result I am able to work temporarily with the military to try and contribute during this challenging time whilst continuing to communicate with our team.

Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA) covers a wide range of tasks that is likely to evolve as the situation develops, it is reminiscent of similar operations I have been involved with before in the UK such as assistance to communities during floods. The key difference on this occasion is the risk and the scale, but it seems those on the front line in the NHS are beginning to win with the assistance of all adhering the Government direction. – Mark Thomson