Monthly Archives: July 2020

A security team prepared for the ‘new normal’, security in the COVID-19 era.

The last few months have been quite an experience for all working in security in the UK. Our team has reacted with speed and professionalism to protect our staff, meet our client needs and support the country however we can.

Several of our staff have served in the military and immediately took the opportunity to volunteer to assist with the Army Reserve, supporting COVID testing and local authorities during the crisis. Our team have been working with the NHS & Police to help keep the public safe. As a business this is something we are more than willing to support – service is at the heart of what we do.

As a result of our action, we have gained more experience working in high risk areas but have not had any cases of COVID-19 within our workforce, why is this? The first and most important reason is professionalism. Direction on how to ensure the safety of your workforce is clear, we have adopted protocols which minimise the risk in the same way the military have done when running testing sites. PPE and control measures work when applied correctly.

The feedback from our clients is consistent – we communicate more effectively than competitors, we are more flexible and responsive. This pandemic has been an opportunity to step up and deliver more than the average and we have achieved it.

Any organisation looking to source a security team who are experienced in operating safely during COVID-19 whilst enabling the return to work please do give us a call. We can provide temperature screening of staff as they arrive and access control in a safe, friendly manner. The safety of your staff and ours is always the priority.