Monthly Archives: September 2021

Watchword Growth – New contract for security services

As a business we have grown quickly during 2021and in doing so reached a broader audience. This week we have started work with a client with five sites in Portsmouth that we now support.

After helping those in both education and business get their people back on site through Covid-19 testing, we are back fulfilling our core purpose – providing high quality security teams.

We were asked by City of Portsmouth College to support them across their five sites from Cosham to Southsea. As ever, our aim is to provide meaningful work for people and to embed our team members with our clients, so they feel fully supported.

Having helped Highbury College with their Covid-19 testing operation, they asked us to take on responsiblity for their security on site too. Why? Because we care – we cared deeply about getting their learners and staff back to work after the Christmas lockdown. We also care deeply about delivering a high quality security service which enhances each campus and hopefully contributes to a better experience for learners.

Our aim is to help schools, colleges and univeristites promote positive behaviours on campus through a fully managed security service. For more detail or to arrange a site visit, see below:

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