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Watchword appoints renowned education leader Penny Wycherley as a Non-Executive Director

After a year of huge growth for Watchword, 2022 has started with an exciting development. 

The former CEO of City of Portsmouth College Penny Wycherley has become a Non-Executive Director of Watchword Limited. 

Penny’s resume includes roles as CEO and Principal of Highbury College Portsmouth,  City College Plymouth, Waltham Forest College, Great Yarmouth College & South Kent College, as well as working as an OFSTED inspector. She has agreed to take on this role having been incredibly impressed by the support we delivered to City of Portsmouth College in 2021. 

“We started working with Watchword in January of 2021 and found Mark and his team to be superb, initially they assisted us in planning and delivering Covid-19 testing, which had just been introduced by the Government. They then supported us with Covid Marshalls, Security Officers and Safety Wardens across our four campus locations.  They continue to support the college today. 

We ran a staff satisfaction survey which included the question “How effectively do you think the senior management have responded to the Covid pandemic?” The response was astonishing, 97% of our team said they were satisfied: an exceptional response. This percentage is abnormally high by any standard and during a time of huge change, fear and uncertainty. The contribution by Mark’s team was pivotal. They are professional, dedicated, and supportive. Watchword’s vision is one of opportunity for their staff and people focused support to their clients, it is a privilege to be involved.”

Penny’s role with Watchword will include governance, strategic planning, and oversight of our planned introduction of an apprenticeship scheme to generate more opportunities for young people. 

Penny has five children and currently three grandchildren. In her spare time, she is a passionate gardener, historian and student of the world today.

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