• After a year of huge growth for Watchword, 2022 has started with an exciting development.  The former CEO of City of Portsmouth College Penny Wycherley has become a Non-Executive Director of Watchword Limited.  Penny’s resume includes roles as CEO and Principal of Highbury College Portsmouth,  City College Plymouth, Waltham Forest
  • As a business we have grown quickly during 2021and in doing so reached a broader audience. This week we have started work with a client with five sites in Portsmouth that we now support. After helping those in both education and business get their people back on site through Covid-19
  • Watchword – Covid-19 Testing support for schools and colleges.Download Earlier in the year our blog focused on military support during the COVID pandemic. Members of our team were responsible for the planning, training of staff and then operational delivery of some of the first Mobile Testing Units (MTUs) in the
  • When I left the military, I had an ambition to start a new venture and one year later we established Watchword Security. Why? Because I saw some of the challenges in the industry, met some security officers who I believed in and most importantly I enjoy building teams, delivering to
  • In our previous blog we talked about the importance of values in sourcing and maintaining a reliable security team – if the values of the business being are not aligned with those of the security team, we would not be pulling in the same direction. Therefore, we have ‘family’ as
  • Finding a reliable security team in the UK can be something of a minefield. There is often a lack of service quality for a number of reasons, smaller organisations are more personal but often unreliable. Larger organisations will only enter the market at a certain value and often suffer from