COVID-19 asymptomatic testing: training and support

Earlier in the year our blog focused on military support during the COVID pandemic. Members of our team were responsible for the planning, training of staff and then operational delivery of some of the first Mobile Testing Units (MTUs) in the country. Our lead trainer then instructed the civilian contractors who took over from the military teams.

Rapid COVID testing was always likely to be introduced, getting results quickly means organisations can get their teams back to work. The recent Government direction to schools and colleges has led to leadership teams looking at how to make this happen at speed in a structured fashion.

Having been asked for assistance in this area, Watchword now provide Rapid Asymptomatic COVID Testing Teams, COVID Testing Project Management and our ‘COVID Testing: Staff training’ package.

Some key elements of the training package are outlined below:

  • Preparation of the site
  • How to set up the testing centre
  • Correct usage of PPE
  • Introduction to all roles
  • Explanation of tasks
  • Apps and recording
  • Managing positive cases
  • Health and safety considerations
  • How to remove PPE and dispose of clinical waste
  • Cleaning and collapsing the testing site
  • ‘Walk throughs’ and exercises to confirm understanding

Our aim is to help schools, colleges and other organisations return to normality as quickly as possible, whether assisting with testing or training your team. For more detail or to arrange a site visit, you can download a summary of these services here:

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