Home Security Patrols

Why might you need private security in your area?

Private security patrols are becoming increasingly popular in residential areas. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Local police can be overloaded and do not have time to patrol all residential areas
  • Some areas are more prone to crime than others
  • Some home owners take peace of mind from knowing they have a dedicated security officer patrolling their street or property
  • A security presence is an effective deterrent to would be criminals

  • We can provide security officers in support of a street or neighbourhood, patrolling a number of houses during specified hours and assisting you as required. If you are going on holiday or leaving a property empty for a period of time, we can provide SIA trained individuals to monitor and inspect your property in your absence.

    Our actions will be tailored to your needs. From physical inspections and perimeter checks to rubbish removal, or if necessary switching lights on and vehicle movement, we can make your property look occupied or simply provide a security presence.

    We can also provide alarm response services. Depending on the function of your burglar alarm, in the event that your alarm is triggered, we can respond within our agreed SLA of 30 minutes. We will check for any threats, deactivate the alarm and respond accordingly. Providing you with peace of mind wherever you may be.

    Call 0800 7720117 to speak to the team or email info@watchwordsecurity.co.uk