Home Security Risk Assessments

The security options available to homeowners are extensive. Some customers feel overwhelmed with options for protecting their property. Technology has considerably increased our ability to monitor and protect our homes, the installation of the systems listed below have grown considerably in recent times. Watchword can help by providing analysis and a report on your home and the systems which may benefit you the most.

Smart home security and hubs
Wireless security cameras
Smart locks and doorbells
Smart smoke alarms

Our Home Security Risk Assessment will outlined the strengths and vulnerabilities of your property’s location and design. Every property is different, as as such a risk assessment specific to your property will ensure you pursue solutions that are relevant to your circumstance.

Our assessments will cover a wide range of options including (but not limited to) access points, visibility analysis, vulnerable point analysis, lighting requirements, obstacle considerations, alarm review and installation, CCTV installation and monitoring options, incident management procedures.

For more information on our Home Security Assessments call us or email info@watchwordsecurity.co.uk