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Watchword progress – The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme

When I left the military, I had an ambition to start a new venture and one year later we established Watchword Security. Why? Because I saw some of the challenges in the industry, met some security officers who I believed in and most importantly I enjoy building teams, delivering to expectation, and continuous improvement.

Nearly three years later and the business is in a strong position with trusted staff who do not let our clients (or each other) down.

Watchword Security now holds four varieties of accreditation/award:

  1. The Security Industry Authority ‘Approved Contractor Scheme’ (SIA ACS) award.
  2. The National Security Inspectorate Silver award for manned security and screening of staff.
  3. Alcumus Safe Contractor and PQQ.
  4. The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze award.

The SIA ACS is perhaps the leading certification for manned security services in the UK. We are delighted to now hold this.

Contractors with the Alcumus health and safety focused ‘SafeContractor’ accreditation are eligible for SafePQQ. This requires proof that the business is a safe, ethical and sustainable company. The SafePQQ assessment verifies information covering finance, anti-bribery, environment, GDPR, quality management, right to work, equality, modern slavery, and external references.

The National Security Inspectorate Silver accreditation for manned security services involved an audit of our operation in line with the relevant British Standards for both manned guarding (BS7499) and security screening (BS7858).

We signed the Armed Forces Covenant and then achieved the employer Bronze award because we are passionate about supporting those who serve their communities and the country.

As the director of the business, I have been heavily involved in the process to achieve these standards, it has not been easy, but hugely rewarding as we make measurable progress toward our goal of being the most professional security company possible.

Mark Thomson

If you use a security team or security services and need a company you can rely on, consider Watchword. Call us on 08007720117 or email info@watchwordsecurity.co.uk.

How to find a reliable security team

Finding a reliable security team in the UK can be something of a minefield. There is often a lack of service quality for a number of reasons, smaller organisations are more personal but often unreliable. Larger organisations will only enter the market at a certain value and often suffer from similar quality issues. This affects the reputation of the industry.

This simple situation is the reason that Watchword exists – we are a high quality security service provider. But what does this mean? ‘High quality security service’ is a claim that many organisations make, so how do we prove it? We are writing a series of short blogs outlining how we operate.

Finding a reliable security team can be a challenge.
  • Values
    Many organisations have values and we are no exception. Our company values have been updated after consultation with our security team to include ‘family’.

    Our values are: family, respectintegrityself-discipline and loyalty.

    This change stems from the fact that the vast majority of our security team work for one thing above all else – their family. Therefore, we need to align our operation to support them in achieving their aim. This means we are slightly more flexible in supporting colleagues who have family commitments than other security companies might be. Too often, people are treated as a commodity in the security industry.

    We can only achieve this flexibility because our team believe in it and take ownership, last minute client emergencies are dealt with in the same fashion as home related issues for our team – we work hard for one another and as a result, our clients get a more reliable security service.

    Delivering this isn’t easy to begin with and relies heavily on effective communication between teams and strong personal relationships, which are topics we will discuss in future posts.

    We are going to be writing a few more short blogs on how to deliver a high quality security service. It isn’t rocket science, but it makes a big difference to organisations who need it.

    If you would like to talk about high quality security services then call us on 08007720117 or email info@watchwordsecurity.co.uk

“We need security guards, today…”

Recently, one of our clients had an issue with their intruder alarm, which had been triggered twice in the middle of the night, on both occasions our team responded within 30 mins as we are the key holders for the buildings, we then communicated with the engineers to try and resolve the issue.

The result unfortunately is that the intruder alarm needs replacing, something the client already has plans for. In the short term however, they had an issue, business insurance can be deemed void if there is no intruder alarm or security presence in the building or on the premises.

The client asked us to arrange security on an enduring basis until the alarm was fixed, so initially 24-hour security to cover the weekend, with the start time being 90 mins away as their team were due to finish work.

During that 90-minute period we arranged the initial 24 hour coverage and subsequent shifts for two weeks covering all hours during which the buildings were going to be unoccupied.

How? One of the fundamental principles we run our business by is that we don’t like letting people down, which leads us to have a strong team. We don’t like letting each other down and we don’t like letting our clients down, in fact we hate it. We value our client’s choice to work with us and make ourselves available 24 hours a day to support.

One of the benefits of being a small, local security company in Reading/Berkshire is that we can be flexible in our ability to support clients.

If you need a security team you can rely on 24 hours a day with people you will get to know more than just saying hello, call us on 0800 772 0117.