Vacant Property Management – Security in uncertain times

Combining the increase in the number of vacant properties with the stretched emergency services and possible civil unrest that has been mentioned, premises could be vulnerable to damage or interference from vandals, thieves and burglars. Consider vacant property management to reduce this risk, whether key holding and alarm response, regular patrols or 24-hour building protection. We are here to support.

Events such as the ongoing Coronavirus lead you take stock of what is important in life – family, friends & looking after those who need your help. It does lead to reflection too about how society functions and some of the vulnerabilities that lie just beneath the surface of the systems we have created. We enjoy providing security because it comes naturally and is (relatively speaking) black and white. We want your people, assets and premises to be secure and are confident in delivering that.

With many businesses enforcing home working for as many staff as possible due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation and others closing their doors to customers, those responsible for Facilities, Property, Building or Estate Management are often left to ensure that the premises remain secure in the absence of any staff on site.  

In what is a rather unprecedented time for society, pragmatism is required when providing security to an organisation’s property and assets.

Due to the nature of a spreading virus, those working in the emergency services are just as likely (if not more) likely to contract the disease than the wider population, in addition to the greater strain already placed on them. As a result, we see proactive measures taken such as the mobilisation of the military to support the emergency services and the inevitable information that the chief function of the emergency services will be to ‘provide essential services’ to society. Vacant properties and a depleted police force present an opportunity to potential criminals, as with most things, prevention is better than cure.