The Watchword team: Basanta Tamang

Having served the U.K. for seventeen years as a soldier in the Royal Gurkha Rifles, Basanata Tamang has been working in the security industry since his departure from the Army in 2014. Basanta manages teams of officers and takes responsibility for site security as part of his supervisory role.

What roles have you had in the security industry?

I have worked in the U.K. and overseas performing a variety of roles, initially working as a close protection officer for individuals, sometimes in Europe or further afield in Dubai for example. More recently I have been leading teams of officers in a variety of locations, from customer facing roles such as the Henley Regatta, to working at larger facilities supporting estates management.

What skills do you need to succeed in the security industry?

You must be adaptable and focus on the customer’s needs, the requirements of clients can change quickly, it is our job to respond accordingly. I have performed a wide range of tasks as a security team leader whilst also being responsible for security, from helping with events organisation to supervising cleaning teams. Working with Watchword, we focus on the customer experience, this is the most important thing, so being on time, smartly dressed, being polite and taking an interest in the client’s organisation are the basics we must get right intially.

What security qualifications do you have? 

Quite a few! My role now is more focused management, but some of my specific security qualifications are: Close Protection Level 3 (SIA License), CCTV Operator, First Aid level 2 (FPOS), Protective Driver & Managing Conflict.

Which places did you go in the Army and what were your favourite jobs? 

Australia, Kenya, Malawi, Brunei, Macedonian, East Timor, Belize, Afghanistan and Wales! I enjoyed all of my jobs in the Army, it is good fun for a young man, but I am now more focused on having a stable home life in Berkshire with my friends and family.

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